After generating over one billion views on social media, sales of Weetabix increased by 15% since Tuesday according to Sainsbury’s sales data, with boxes pictured flying off the shelves at the Sainsbury’s Kiln Lane Superstore in Epsom

The UK’s number one breakfast cereal, Weetabix[1], has seen a surge in sales of their Weetabix Original cereal with Sainsbury’s reporting an uplift of 15% since Tuesday.

This comes as a result of a social media post that went viral from earlier this week featuring baked beans on Weetabix, which sparked conversation and debate nationwide over the recipe. With the tweet generating over one billion views worldwide, boxes of Weetabix Original and baked bean cans have been flying off the shelves and into online baskets, across the country.

To capitalise on the conversation, Weetabix has created an in-store POS activation at Sainsbury’s Kiln Lane Superstore in Epsom ahead of Valentine’s Day, with Weetabix and Heinz Beanz showcased as the ‘Love Story of the Year’ for the romantic weekend ahead.

Gareth Turner, Head of Brand at Weetabix Food Company, said: “We certainly didn’t imagine we’d get such a big response on social media and it was fantastic to be the number one trending topic in the UK earlier this week. The post was part of our wider campaign to encourage people to eat their Weetabix in different ways, although this is one of the more unusual combinations that seems to have got people talking!

“We worked quickly alongside our partners to set up this special in-store activation with Sainsbury’s ahead of Valentines Day, as it seems that Weetabix and baked beans will be the ultimate ‘Love Story’ this weekend!”

Lauren Orchard, Cereals Buyer at Sainsbury’s, said: “It must have bean love… Weetabix and baked beans are the newest ‘iconic love story’.  It’s certainly bean a whirlwind week for the pair and in Heinz-sight we should have seen it coming. At Sainsbury’s we’ve cleared the shelves and made space for the duo to be displayed side by side where they rightfully belong.”

Weetabix returned to TV screens in January with a new topical and light-hearted TV advert, which encouraged the nation to start the day right with versatile, inspirational recipe ideas and featured the by-line now synonymous with the brand – ‘Have You Had Yours?’.

[1] Nielsen data to 26th December 2020

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