Operational Responsibility

Pillar 3


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Reducing Emissions

Our latest carbon footprint studies show that we have reduced our Total Scope 1,2 & 3 emissions in absolute terms by 15,862 tCO2e since our 2019 baseline. This equates to a 10.4% reduction.

Over the past year, our focus has been on making incremental gains through adjustments and efficiency improvements across our operations.


Efficiency Gains

Like all businesses, we have been facing dramatically rising energy costs, so the benefits of incremental efficiency gains in energy, water or waste benefit our bottom line as much as they help us enhance the sustainability of our business. 

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we’ve done

  • Reduced our emissions in absolute terms by over 15,500 tCO2e since 2019.

  • Drawing an increasing proportion of the electricity we use in our business from the National Grid, sourced via renewable electricity generation.

  • Continuing to upgrade our transformers at Burton Latimer with technology that will deliver significant electricity and carbon savings.

*Farm office situated within 50 miles of Weetabix Mills

we’re doing

  • Aiming to achieve a 20% reduction in energy consumption through a trial to refurbish the motors within our wheat mills.

  • Working to achieve a 20% water use reduction target in our manufacturing plants and offices by 2025.

  • Making a formal commitment to Science Based Targets before the end of 2023 that will drive further emissions reductions up to 2030 and beyond.

Focus on the efforts of colleagues across Weetabix

Our manufacturing and engineering colleagues are on the frontline of our operational efficiency initiatives, helping make our business more sustainable through their everyday work

“Working to enhance sustainability is a good way to demonstrate that we’re committed to creating a better future. Our buildings are set up with sensors to ensure lights aren’t left on and we save energy. We’re always generating new initiatives to reduce waste in our labs. There’s definitely a strong culture of trying to be more sustainable by reducing the materials we use and recycling our waste.”

Gabriel Roffe, Sensory & Systems Manager


“We do regular checks of the Alpen plant. If we find materials that need disposing, we always separate them and make sure they are put in the correct recycling bin. This helps minimise waste and maximise our recycling. I think people would expect Weetabix to be doing everything we can to recycle as part of our sustainability commitments, so it feels like I’m playing my part in helping meet this expectation.”

Jacob Coles, Manufacturing Apprentice