Product Responsibility

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Targeting 100% Recyclability

The improvements we make to the way we package our products for both transport and sale to consumers have an important role to play in helping us minimise waste, improve recyclability and lower our overall carbon footprint.

In December 2022, we achieved our target of 100% recyclable packaging across all our brands. All of the Weetabix paper-based packaging components and On The Go drinks bottles can be widely recycled at home. Our plastic wrap components can be recycled with soft plastics at most major supermarkets.

Championing Homegrown Wheat

Championing Homegrown Wheat

We believe better breakfasts create better lives, which is why we provide clear information on our product packaging to help consumers make informed decisions about what they buy and eat.

In 2023, we have introduced new Weetabix Original packaging that incorporates new elements to help consumers understand the provenance of our products.

On the front, we have updated our messaging to champion the fact Weetabix is made from homegrown British wheat, sourced within a 50-mile radius* of our Northamptonshire factory.

On the back of packs, we are profiling some of our Growers Group farmers and information about the great work they do in protecting the environment and wildlife. Consumers can also be able to scan a QR code to learn more about the journey Weetabix makes from seed to spoon.

In addition to information on provenance, we have also introduced the NaviLens label on the front of our Weetabix Original packs for the first time. Developed by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), the label can be used by visually impaired consumers with the help of a smartphone app to identify products more easily on shelf in retail stores.

*Farm office situated within 50 miles of Weetabix Mills

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we’ve done

  • Hit our target of 100% recyclable packaging across all our brands in December 2022, which is three years ahead of the target we had set.

  • Our drinks bottles are 100% recyclable, made from 51% recycled plastic.

  • Changes in our packaging configurations since 2020 have reduced our carbon emissions by 9.2% as a sales weighted average across all the material used.

*Farm office situated within 50 miles of Weetabix Mills

we’re doing

  • Investigating the potential to slim down Weetabix cartons and cases to reduce carbon emissions through the material savings we achieve.

  • Working to make better use of the space in our warehouse, fill our pallets more effectively and double stack them to fit more products into lorries, reducing miles travelled and saving carbon emissions.

  • Joining the UK Plastic Pact - a unique collaboration that brings together businesses from across the entire plastics value chain.

Focus on Packaging Innovation

In 2022, the Weetabix Food Company achieved 100% recyclability of the packaging across our portfolio, two years ahead of our 2025 target